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Support Tobacco Free Parks in Upper Merion Area!
by PaShawnda Briley

Target: Bridgeport and West Conshohocken Borough Council, Upper Merion Township Council

Bridgeport, West Conshohocken, and Upper Merion Township should adopt ordinances to have all parks and playgrounds tobacco- free because second-hand smoke is harmful to children, cigarette littler pollutes our parks, and children imitate adult behaviors- healthy and unhealthy. The Upper Merion Area Borough Council and Board of Supervisors need to adopt a tobacco- free ordinance that includes consequences for not complying. Currently only the Upper Merion Township has a policy in place prohibiting smoking in parks and playgrounds. The policy has little to no consequence if not adhered to, while Bridgeport and West Conshohocken do not have a tobacco- free policy nor ordinance in place.

Exposure to secondhand smoke has been estimated to result in at least 38,000
annual deaths in the United States and over one million illnesses in
children.¹ and cigarette butts are the number one littered item in the whole
world! Our children's health is worth it.


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